Dressing table LILLO

RAGABA toaletka jasnoturkusowa

|Dressing table with mirror LILLO|

The diminutive scale of this console works beautifully in halls, foyers, and other small spaces. Console table gives additional place for collection of plants , pictures in frames or just to put down purse, wallet or keys. You can also use it as small desk or small dressing table.

Console is a flat pack furniture, very simple to assemble, and easy to move around, composed in three sizes and eight colours.

Why we offer our products in 7 different colors? Because color matters – affects our well-being and intellectual capacity; can make us laugh, inspire or calm down after hard day. In our offer we have more sizes. Console for self-assembly. Along with the product we deliver instruction. Installation is very easy, but if you would have a problem you can always call us.

Console tables are made from solid wood and MDF. The materials we use are sourced from well managed forests,  absolutely natural and nontoxic. We use as little packaging as possible and we upcycle leftovers to create something useful and beautiful. A sustainable approach to functional design which captivates the eye, as well. 100% made in Poland.


  • Small width 65 cm ; height 74 cm; depth of 35cm, dimensions of storage place 45cm*24cm*7cm; mirror dimension 22cm*20cm
  • Medium width 85 cm ; height 74 cm; depth of 35cm, dimensions of storage place 50cm*24cm*7cm; mirror dimension 22cm*20cm
  • large width 105 cm ; height 74 cm; depth of 35cm, dimensions of storage place 54cm*24cm*7cm;

Mirror dimension: 22cm*26cm

Material: MDF laminated board and solid beech wood

Colors: white, graphite, dark grey, light grey, dark turquoise, light turquoise, yellow

Designer: Marcin Gładzik

Package:  113 cm x 43 cm x 13 cm (large) , 93 cm x 43 cm x 13 cm (medium), 81 cm x 43 cm x13 cm (small)

If you have questions, please email us ragaba@ragaba.eu