Coffee Table UFO

ragaba stoliki UFO 3

|Coffee Table UFO|

UFO table is modern and functional at the same time. It provides convenient space whenever you need to rest drinks, snacks, but also to keep small items out of sight- tissues, remote controls etc. You can personalize tops and legs by choosing 7 various colors.

UFO tables are made from solid wood and MDF.

The materials we use are sourced from well managed forests, absolutely natural and nontoxic. We use as little packaging as possible and we upcycle leftovers to create something useful and beautiful. Our company never shies away from social responsibility by using exclusively FSC certified wood treated and assembled by ethically employed craftsmen. A sustainable approach to functional design which captivates the eye, as well.

Dimensions: ø 70 cm, high 35 cm, ø 57 cm, high 45 cm, ø 45 cm, high61 cm.

Material: MDF laminated board and solid beech wood

Colors: white, graphite, dark grey, light grey, dark turquoise, light turquoise, yellow

Designers: Magdalena Garncarz, Szymona Hanczar


77 cm x 77 cm x10 cm – 13,5kg (large)
60 cm x 60 cm x 10 cm – 9kg (medium)
47 cm x 55 cm x 10 cm – 7kg (small)

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