Cabinet PIXEL

10-PIXEL kubiki biały, jasnoróżówy, ciemnoszary, fornir dębowy (4)

|Cabinet PIXEL|

Pixel is a small cubic which can be used as single piece or joined in a bigger form of cabinet. Set of pixels can be disassembled to use each single cubic as stool. Than it can be assembled again.  In our offer we also have seat cushions that go with pixel,  to make it more comfortable to seat. It is a piece of furniture aimed to be used in the way user wants. It can be used as stool, as cabinet, as bench in hallway, as bedside table, side table or a stand for flowers, or maybe there is some other usage of it –  we do not know yet. 

To assemble and to disassemble the Pixel no tooling is needed, all parts are just clicked to each other.

You can personalize fronts by choosing 8 various colors and oak veneer. The cubic sides  can be either white or in oak veneer.

40cm(D)*40cm(W)*40cm(H) (small)

40cm(D)*40cm(W)*80cm(H) (larg)

Material: MDF laminated board.

Colors: white, graphite, dark grey, light grey, dark turquoise, light turquoise, yellow, oak veneer

Designer: Marcin Gładzik

45cm*45cm*7cm 11kg (small)

45cm*88cm*7cm 20kg(large)

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